Assisting and consulting the Danish choreographic duo


with content strategy and content production.

I began collaborating with Danish choreographic duo two-women-machine-show back in 2018, when the asking me to help them take some photos and video for the documentation of their work Ality with Jonathan Bonnici.

As our working relationship developed, I continued consulting them with website, PR and communication on further iterations of their work.

Moving beyond just helping them with PR material, I began introducing them to some of my methodologies on project formulation and scoping. They used these methodologies to formulate their ideas for grant application in both 2019 and 2020. The later of which resulted in a substantial grant for project development during 2021.

The Danish artist collective Fanclub from their performance ‘We Are Dancers’
Frederica Poletti painting, Overwhelmed , oil on canvas , 120 x 100 cm , 2018

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